View Full Version : Vista Validation Error: how can I resolve ISICE10 error? Help Library won't help

10-18-2006, 09:46 PM
Hello from Japan.

I'm using IS12 - Basic MSI project.
When the Validation for the Windows Vista Quality Program is performed, I had a bunch of ISICE10 errors for all of my custom actions.

ISICE10 Error Custom action ****** of type 1 is not documented in table ISCustomActionReference...

I read and did follow the corrective action on the IS12 Help Library article to resolve this error.
(I made a txt/htm file for each CA and assigned those paths to the ISCustomActionReference table.)
However, this annoying ISICE 10 error does NOT disappear.

I should maybe customize the validation settings to ignore this error code?
Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you.


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10-19-2006, 08:40 PM
After struggling with IS12 IDE, I found a cause of this problem.
I did not set the Include Custom Action Help setting to "Yes" for the Product Configuration.

To resolve the ISICE10 error, I did the following operations:

In the View List, under Media, click Releases.
Select the product configuration that has the validation problem.
Check the value of Include Custom Action
Help and set the value to "Yes" if it is "No".

I think CA documentations must be included in the .msi file.
ISICE10 error keep appearing if I do not want to include the CA documentations in the .msi file?

(My project was converted from the IS X project. The old version did not have this option.)

Thanks for spending your time if someone tried to help me.

10-20-2006, 10:27 AM
I'm glad you found your answer. Just for your information, all of the validators named ISICE~~ are custom, and while they are designed to assist with passing the Vista Logo tests, I don't believe that Microsoft considers our ISICEs to be authoritative. Or, in short, if you run into a problem with a partiuclar ISICE validator, and your concern is acquiring the Vista Logo, it may be better to discuss it with those who run the Logo program. ISICE10 in particular reflects a particular method to document custom actions rather than the Logo goal of having them all documented.